About Us


Uptimum Bodied is a modern athleisure line aimed to encourage women to discover the virtuous, raw, and confident version of themselves. In a treacherous society where women are expected to achieve unrealistic beauty standards, Uptimum bodied creates a space where women can be unapologetically who they are. No matter what race, place, creed or deed, Uptimum bodied stands with all women looking to love their bodies from within.

Uptimum bodied women are conquers, warriors, survivors, and supporters. They are motivated dreamers with brave hearts and strong minds. They are over-comers. They stand with you.

Uptimum Bodied represents warrior women who are actively seeking the ability to elevate their mind, body and soul in order to restore their purpose. While all women are different, Uptimum Bodied believes all women are created with the ability to change the world. It starts with you.